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Cheryl Brussow

My name is Cheryl Brussow and I am an experienced client centered, evidence based practitioner, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in counselling.

I have experience in counselling  people of all ages with  issues related to grief, trauma and anxiety and depending on the presenting issue, will integrate various modalities (CBT, IDT, Narrative, Psychodynamic etc.) and strategies into sessions in order to support therapeutic change in the individuals I work with.


I also offer EFT Couple counselling and would welcome inquiries from couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship.

During sessions I will work with you to assist you in building on your strengths to enable you to attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing.


I have a passion for helping others, while providing sincerity and warmth in sessions. I am enthusiastic to provide quality mental health services to assist in restoring and revitalizing the lives and relationships of people in our community through evidence based, clinically effective and life-enriching therapeutic interventions.


Rates are available on request.

Cheryl Brussow Counselling



Do you need to speak to someone about feelings of anxiety, process a grief or trauma, or explore behaviours that may not be beneficial to your day to day living? 



Do you yearn for more intimacy and emotional connection in your relationship? Do you miss the feeling of togetherness that you and your partner felt when you first met?


I am an ACC registered counsellor and provide counselling support to those who have survived sexual harm.

What I offer

Since I started seeing Cheryl my life has changed dramatically. I have experienced a huge reduction in anxiety and depression and have tools to manages this. I have learnt how to manage my emotions in a healthier way and my outlook on life is so much more positive. Overall, I’m happier and more confident in myself and around other people and the best part is the ripple effect this has had on my family.

EB - Tauranga

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