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Individual counselling: Relationship problems, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Relationship Trauma and more...


Using a holistic approach to help you be the best you can be -

Counselling can be useful in so many ways - it is not simply problem-solving or advice-giving. The process can be life changing, leading to making better decisions and taking important actions. It all starts with finding the counsellor that is right for you.

Find a counsellor that feels right.
Could you sit with this person for an hour or two per week for a period of a month or two? Do you feel you can relate to them as an equal? Could you talk freely with them? It’s important to follow your instincts with these questions. Sometimes booking one introductory session is a good way to test the water. Finding someone that feels right is by far the most important consideration. 


Find a counsellor that knows the power of the counselling relationship.
Does your counsellor seek their own counselling? A good counsellor understands all that can be gained from the counselling relationship and actively seeks this for themselves. Seeking a counsellor is not a sign of weakness, far from it. Any thinking individual understands the power in self-awareness. It leads to growth, and with growth comes wisdom.  


Counselling is a process of self-understanding and change to release us from negative thought and behaviour patterns. This is a goal oriented process intended to help people achieve their deepest aspirations through acquiring new skills or confidence.

We will work on resolving emotional difficulties, while changing patterns and self-defeating behaviours.  Therapy allows individuals to have clearer perspectives and overcome blind spots that can get in the way of dealing with situations.

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