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Positive and professional counselling for couples

Do you yearn for more intimacy and emotional connection in your relationship? Do you miss the feeling of togetherness that you and your partner felt when you first met?

Our Focus is to provide you with caring, professional, positive, effective counselling to help you get the love you want and keep the love you experience.

I use an attachment based approach in my work with couples which is influenced by the model developed by Sue Johnson. EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) is a structured and evidence-based therapy that helps couples in distress better understand themselves and their partners. It focuses on strengthening the bonds in relationships and helps them reconnect.

Sue describes the dysfunctional pattern that couples often find themselves in as ‘cycles’ and uses dancing metaphors.

In your journey to discover what gets in the way of reconnecting, together we will examine the cycle that you’re in, explore what happens for each of you and how to change it. 

Research indicates that couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship wait 6 years before seeking help. There is further research that 70-75% of couples who engage in EFT therapy are less distressed in their relationships and almost 90% experience significant improvement in getting their relationship back on track.


You can find out more about this highly effective way of working with couples on the EFT website if you click on this link:   

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